Art Spark

Art Spark is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to interact with your child's classroom!  The overall plan is for the volunteer (you) to lead a 30 minute classroom session to go over a portfolio with 3-4 artworks and some supporting information.  There are 6 portfolios in total, so 6 sessions between October and May.  

The best thing about this is that there really are NO BAD QUESTIONS or WRONG ANSWERS as you go through this -- the idea is to encourage the kids to recognize some elements, styles, techniques and exercise their own "art senses."

The artworks are organized in black canvas portfolios in the PTO room.  Each of the portfolios contains everything you need: 3-4 poster reprints of artworks and a lesson plan to walk through.  

Contact Tracy Monson if you would like to volunteer for your child's classroom at